McLaurin or Harry

Curious to see how everyone thinks as to how far Harry’s stock has fallen? I prefer McLaurin, but am not sure how much of a difference there is between these two.

The biggest difference IMHO is actual NFL usage verses hopeful. I know Harry was injured, but we have still not seen him do much. McLaurin has shown he can succeed on Sundays. To me, that is why he is more valuable.

In the draft I was higher on Harry but not a lover of him and almost no opinion on McLaurin. It feels like Harry should do well, but until we see it I have to assume McLaurin will be better. I think we often forget how easy it is to look like a stud on Saturday and a dud on Sunday. Not calling Harry a bust, but he needs a pretty solid 2020 to bring his value up.

Does that help at all?

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Nice analysis

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Thank you, I certainly try to give information where I can. Even if it is not right / popular, I figure it is better to give more food for thought.

That all makes a lot of sense; I appreciate the analysis. There is a lot of value to someone who has done it.

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I assume we’re talking dynasty here. McLaurin’s your guy. The dude is an absolute stud. There are only 2 blemishes on his situation: 1) Dwayne Haskins, Kyle Allen problem
2) The skins tried to acquire Amari Cooper in free agency. That may mean they don’t view McLaurin as a true alpha X receiver which hurts his lifetime ceiling

Mclaurin all the way. He just needs a signal caller which will come in time. If you’re not feeling him you could probably get a decent trade for em