Mclaurin or Kupp ROS?

Standard League, which would you rather have ROS?

I’d probably go Kupp in any format. Mclaurin will be good too though. Ideally you can have both

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Reason I ask is because I need WRs bad and I don’t need Mixon. I have Jacobs and CEH as my top 2 starters and also have Henderson and Gibson. My top WR is currently DJ Moore though backed up by Diontae Johnson.

I trust Johnson more that I trust Moore. Johnson has been the clear #1 WR target for Big Ben. Moore just has not clicked with Bridgewater so far.

I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird for the most part. Kupp’s fantasy points have increased since he was moved back to the slot. However, volume is king in fantasy and McLaurin literally is the passing offense in WAS. In addition, with constant negative game scripts, WAS will be forced to throw, throw, throw late in games (all game just about really).

Overall, Kupp is on the better team with a more trustworthy QB, but he has to share with the RBs (LAR #1 rush heavy team), Higbee, Everett, and Bobby Trees. McLaurin is on a bad team with bad QB play (cant get any worse than Haskins) but will see huge volume every week.

I personally am high on McLaurin’s talent to be border line match up proof, but I dont think you can go wrong with either.