McLaurin or MVS

Full PPR

Would you rather start McLaurin in a bad matchup against a pissed-off Ravens D?
Or MVS as the only WR available to Rodgers against the Falcons…

EDIT: Lazard is OUT indefinitely after surgery and Adams is slated to miss again. If Adams is a surprise Active, then MVS is a no go. This is entirely assuming MVS will be the only WR whose name you recognize.

I would have to say follow the talent and play the guy who is the top WR for his team. The upside of MVS in a shootout is tempting, but McLaurin is SO GOOD. I can’t imagine if he played in a good offense. He’d be the best WR in football.

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Before McLaurin’s injury he was a no brainer due to talent. Now I’d take a flier on MVS especially now with Lazard down for awhile.

Id play Mclaurin. I cant trust MVS. sure he might have a boom game, but guy drops soo many passes, arod probably hates throwing to him now. He will have more busts than booms.

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I’m going to change my answer. I didn’t know Lazard was hurt and didn’t know yet that McLaurin is also hurt. I actually WOULD start MVS.


Long term I wouldn’t even roster MVS lol… I only picked him because I had Lazard in who is currently OUT “indefinitely.” If Lazard was playing and/or McLaurin was 100%, MVS wouldn’t even be on my roster… But I was crippled by injuries and the surprise steelers/titans bye this week and was considering MVS a 1 week spot start over McLaurin. I think it’s clear that McLaurin has a safer path to 10 points… but, with Adams also slated to miss, Rodgers can’t throw EVERY pass to Aaron Jones… and MVS is sadly his “most reliable” WR this week.

I wouldn’t even have MVS on my roster if Lazard was playing lol… he’s only in consideration because this game should shoot out and he should get at least a handful of high value deep targets… Rodgers can’t throw every pass to Jones… right? Lol.

last year. WHen Adams was out. I had that same thinking . “Arod only has MVS and allison with adams out with that turf toe, Arod gots to pass to MVS as his wr2 ?” NOPE! let me down time after time.

Hmm mclaurin playing against ravens. hm yea play MVS. didnt see the matchups. GB playing Falcons. Just dont be suprised of a dud game from him

That’s a good point… I played MVS in DFS quite a bit in that stretch last year and he did put up a few duds as the ‘would-be’ main guy… But yeah the Matchup is really the only reason. I can’t see McLaurin getting more than 10 PPR points and even if MVS only catches 1 pass for 25 yards, that’s only a few points difference… Now watch Alex Smith come in and skyrocket McLaurin to a 30 point boom game lol.

I hope not. I can’t handle anymore trash talk from the Aaron Jones owner in my league.