McLaurin+Thielen+Michel for Jacobs+Thomas?

I was thinking about making this offer to upgrade my RB situation, I’m still left with Gallup Woods Anderson and I was gonna pick up Curtis Samuel on waivers what do you guys think?

I like this trade. I don’t like the Thielen or Michel Headache, so sometimes its best to trade (for proper value) and move on.

I think the value you’d get for Jacobs (over Michel) far outweighs the value you lose/can replace with Mclaurin/Thieln for Thomas.


That’s exactly what I was thinking the carrousel at RB in NE is driving me crazy and Vikings passing offense scares me

I dont like giving up on mclaurin but thielen and Michel cant be trusted like every week starters and jacobs and MT can


100% loosing McLaurin would suck but his upcoming schedule is tough and if he accepts I would loose a bye week with Jacobs

My problem is, I doubt they’d take it. But it’s worth a shot. I mean I definitely wouldn’t take this deal, but who knows.

I got lucky he accepted it :smiley:

It’s awesome because next time I play him Thielen is on bye week and I loose a RB bye week with Jacobs coming off bye, I hope this works out :crossed_fingers: