McLaurin vs. Pittman Jr. - Thoughts?

McLaurin Pro’s - Arguably better athlete, tougher matchup (LV) so probably more passing without big lead, and he’s in top 5 of deep pass attempts this season.

MCLaurin Con’s - Boom or bust in points and Gibson will probably get tons/most touches and not a consistent TD target.

Pittman Pro’s - Playing worse (HOU) team so definitely going to have a ton of opportunities for gains/scores and more likely for potential TD.

Pittman Con’s - Playing worse team so might have lead after 1st half and then mainly use Taylor to run and kill clock.

Would love any addition insight!

I would go with McLaurin as he is the dominant WR1 for Washington and is guaranteed to be targeted frequently against a team that will likely end up being a shootout against the Raiders.

Furthermore, while Pittman has also been stellar I agree with your point of once they are up it will be handoffs to Taylor all day. You also have to consider T.Y. “Houston” having another big game as he usually does against the texans which would eat up more targets from Pittman.

Best of luck this week!

Appreciate it great thoughts!