McPick 3 WRs

I have four stud receivers and 3 slots to fill. In a full PPR, which 3 would you start?

Dez Bryant @ NYG
Keenan Allen vs WSH
Robby Anderson @ DEN
Michael Crabtree @ KC

Thank you!

I am leaning towards Dez, Crabtree, and Anderson. Keenan has been on a tear, but he’s been held in check by average secondarys before this season. He could also see Josh Norman.

I have Anderson, he just came up as questionable. He will most likely have Talib on him if he plays. I also have Crabtree, I hope he has another 3td game like he did earlier this season, great matchup. I would rank them as of today…


Good luck!

Crabtree (I just don’t see Cooper playing this week and Kansas City gives up a lot of points to receivers)

Last week I would have hesitated on Dez Bryant, but him and Dak finally seem to be in rhythm, and last week was a tough matchup; this week is a favorable matchup against the Giants.

Keenan Allen has a difficult matchup, but he’s been on such a hot streak, I don’t think you can sit him.

Robby Anderson (also on a hot streak but difficult matchup) concerns me because he has been sidelined at practice this week.

I would say Crabtree > Dez > Allen > Anderson.

Good luck! :slight_smile: