McPick two

I need a WR2 and and Flex. I’m choosing between Doug Baldwin, D. Thomas, and Jay Ajayi. I like Ajayi and D. Thomas a lot this week, but I have a hard time benching Baldwin :stuck_out_tongue: What do you guys think?

I’d go Thomas and Baldwin personally, but I tend to favor WRs. Ajayi has a nice matchup though.

I should mention it’s full PPR which likely supports your decision

Then yes, for sure. While Ajayi is due for a big game, go with the safe bets. Baldwin and Thomas usually get a lot of targets. Thomas should bounce back this week.

I think the safest bet is Thomas/Ajayi, but Baldwin has the best chance of putting up a huge game. Personally, I would go with Baldwin/Ajayi.