Mecole and a 2nd for Connor?

Hey footclan,

Just got offered Mecole Hardman and a 2nd for Connor in a dynasty where I’m definitely not competitive this year. I’m tempted to take it but wanted to get another perspective and would love to hear your thoughts.

I’ve got Saquon, Hunt, Snell, James White, Damien Harris, and Darrel Williams as my other RBs.

Irrespective of not knowing whether it is standard, HPPR or PPR format, and what kind of 2nd round pick (late/mid/early) I wouldn’t do this trade.

Conner still has value as a RB, is only 25 years old and one who proved that he can be a solid 3-down-back at least and plays in a good offense.

WR landscape is wide, you aren’t really locked at RB. Hardman had one game with 6 and one with 9 targets this season, the other games he saw 4 at best (and that’s while Watkins was hurt almost all of the games) he isn’t even the clear-cut #3 passcatcher, behind Hill and Kelce it’s a lottery every week even if he plays with the best QB in the game. He will have some boom-performances, but you can’t rely on those and there will be even more bust-games for him