Mecole is still on the wire and it’s eating me up

Half point, two qb

Starting Lamar and mahomes. Have Odell, kupp, djax, Fuller. Have Jacobs, freeman, Singletary, breida, Conner and miles samders.

Mark Andrews

Injury bug has gotten me. Mecole still out there. Should I drop somebody for him? Frank gore is out there too. Not likely to start either right now tho. So I’m looking for the season long upside.

Id try to package trade and clear some roster space. If I had to drop someone, I think it may be fuller for me. I see Hardman as a souped up Fuller (and possibly less injury prone?)

honestly, i dunno who you’d drop. Maybe try to upgrade and swing a 2 for 1 trade then pick him up? Hes available in mine too, but my roster is like yours… except in my league everyone over values their players and no trades ever get done so the 2 for 1 aint happening over here.

2nd this. Fuller would be the guy to drop if you chose to do so.

Getting a trade done in my league is impossible. 0-2 teams that barely break 100 are certain things will turn around this week.