Mega bowl joining

I’m a new foot clan member and I can’t seem to figure out how to join the megalabowl, any help?

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Hello Brad- I didn’t see a way to enter the Megalobowl through the website either but I did receive an email with a link attached to join. This was on Aug 13th so check your spam if you dont see it in your inbox. Hope this helps and welcome to the footclan!

Check out this forum post.

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I’m apparently “in queue” for a draft but the league doesn’t show up in the sleeper app. The directions make it sound like I should see it there or else I’ve done it wrong.

How did you find out you were in a queue?

I’m having trouble joining through the link in the email. It just takes me to a page that tells me about sleeper/prompts me to install it, but I already have Sleeper. Does this need to be done on desktop and not mobile?

Click the green link in the 3rd comment

Getting the same result from that link.