Mega dynasty 55 buy in

10 different leagues
12 different teams in each league
55 buy in, u need to pay 2022 buy in before u make any trades
Superflex, TE premium.
6 person playoff in each league, 1st-200 2nd-150 3rd-45 Along with these pay outs theres additional payouts.
Top 3 regular season teams will also compete in an all play (all play means top scores out of these teams advance) against each other along side the regular playoffs
Each week u move on in the all play u win extra money…
Start with 30 people
Make it to round of 18- win 40 more dollars
Make it to round of 10- win 50 more dollars
Make it to round of 5- Win 100 more dollars
Make it to round of 2- win 240 more dollars
Be the Champ Champ- win 350 more dollars
U could win almost 1,000 dollars in one year
All money on leaguesafe with majority vote to protect it all
Only a few spots left, over 100 signed up half paid, draft as soon as ur league is paid up.
Have a full constitution written up.
Come join a community, giant group chat, get advice about other leagues, promote other leagues, talk smack, meet new people, etc, gonna be alot of fun. If ur looking for a dynasty start up cant do better than this.

Dm me on sleeper if interested: Abouttreefiddy