Mega fantasy tournament charity and cash prize

Stars, Studs, and Simpletons Showdown (Triple S Showdown)

Alright everyone, i’m sure you have all heard of the scott fish bowl, which is an epic fantasy tournament with a bunch of celebrities, experts, analysts, etc. Well here were gonna try to do the same thing, only for the everyday fantasy player. This will be a 15 dollar entry fee, Top 12 teams will get paid out. Every five dollars will be donated to The My Stuff Bags Foundation.

About the Charity: Over 300,000 abused, abandoned, and neglected children across America are removed from dangerous home environments each year. They often arrive at crisis centers and foster homes with few, if any, personal belongings. The My Stuff Bags Foundation seeks to give these children comfort and hope by providing them with a My Stuff Bag full of things they need to help them settle in their new environments, such as clothes, toys, toiletries, stuffed animals, and a security blanket.

My Stuff Bags has provided bags to more than 320,000 children in 49 states since it began in 1998. There goal is to have a bag for every child removed from his or her home. For more information, go to

My email if you are interested in joining is

  1. Were gonna have 10 leagues of 12 teams each (120 total teams)…Me and My partner will be in 1 league each, the other 8 must add us as co owner to monitor those leagues, we will not mess with that team, just help monitor the league.
  2. There will be 5 conferences- each conference will consist of 24 teams. Conferences will have a theme, they will all named after famous fictional sports movie characters, upon joining and paying you can pick the conference you wish to join (this is where the stars comes from in the title)
  3. The 5 conferences will be: 1. Bobby Bouche (waterboy) 2. Shooter Mcgavin (happy gilmore) 3. Gordon Bombay (mighty ducks) 4. White Goodman (dodgeball) 5. Squints (sandlot)
  4. No Trading to avoid collusion
  5. 100 dollar faab for waiver wire pickups
  6. Please pay your buy in via leaguesafe as soon as you join. If you do not pay within 24 hours of joining I will kick you, we have to get this going. I will send pictures and confirmations to everyone confirming the charity donation.
  7. Each league will play the first 12 weeks like a normal fantasy league, head to head matchups each week.
  8. We will use sleeper as the platform and groupme to start the league, once all leagues are filled I will break every conference down into a seperate group me chat and i will send updated photos to each conference so they can see how the other league in their conference is doing. Please have groupme app downloaded and sleeper.
  9. Each team can qualify for the playoff tournament 2 different ways. First, 8 wins in the regular season guarantees you a spot. Second Top 12 teams in each conference make the tournament- the 6 best records, then the 6 most points for in each conference. At least 12 teams in each conference will make the tournament ( so you have a 50 percent chance of advancing)
  10. 4 teams in each conference will receive a week 13 bye (the top 2 records and the top 2 points for, if u have a top record and points for the next team down will be chosen obviously)
  11. The Remaining 8 teams in each conference will face off in week 13 playoff round …each conference goes against their own conference. This round will not be head to head. This round will be points for plus your season average…The top 4 teams in each conference will advance
  12. After week 13 we will be down to 8 teams in each conference, so a total of 40 teams
  13. Week 14 the 4 teams that got a bye faceoff against the 4 teams that advanced from week 13 in each conference, again top 4 total points for will advance.
  14. After week 14 we will have 4 teams in each conference left, a total of 20 teams
  15. In week 15 the top 4 teams in each conference face off to crown a conference champion. After this round we will have 5 teams left. The teams that finish 6-12 in this round will receive a payout.
  16. Week 16 is the first time teams from other conferences play each other. The top team in each conference square off (five teams). The most points for will be crowned tournament champion. Each team in this round will receive a payout.

Pay outs

  1. 400
  2. 200
  3. 100
  4. 80
  5. 80
  6. 65
  7. 60
  8. 60
  9. 45
  10. 45
  11. 35
  12. 30


Scoring- half point ppr, half point first down, .2 points per carry, 6 points passing td, -2 interception. Everything else is standard scoring.