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Mega FootClan league


Goedert Footclan,

I was just checking for the mega footclan league but it seems that it’s already closed. Thinking that there may be some slots left (8*96=768 entries and thread has 677 replies, including duplicates) so there should be some slots left no?

If that’s the case just wanted to add myself to the waiting list (vgstijn@gmail.com)

Couldn’t the capacity also be increased massively if playoffs started week 11 instead of 12?



I also want in!


I have been trying to get in this mega league for days now! I have a hard time navigating this site. Please lmk if there are anymore slots left?


I am in the same boat. I posted that I’d like to join last week but haven’t heard anything in return yet.


I want in as well! Need me some competitive football :smiley:


Same boat myself!


I would love to join this league if there are any more slots that open up.


Man, I really hope there are still slots open!



Same boat over here. Hoping there’s room!



Very interested



Same here



Personally, I would have zero interest in a 10 week league. Zero. 11 Weeks is pushing it TBH