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Mega mega trade offer please please help!


.5 PPR

WRS: Julio, Dez, Fitz, Watkins, Decker
RBS: CJ Anderson, Bell, Ty Mont, Gallaman

Trading away: Bell, Fitz, Dez

Receiving: Kamara, AJ Green, Jordy


I did this to BUMP


aj green and jordy are on fire right now.


so would you do the trade @Jlewisday


do you start 2 or 3 wr?


2 wr 2 flex


@Jlewisday ABOVE


please help me here!


Man that’s tough!!! It’s so close but I still keep the Bell side. He’s the best player in the trade, and Fitz and Dez are great. Jordy being banged up helps seal the decision for me. But man is that close! Especially with Peterson out of the mix in NO.


I know it ! That is what I was thinking. Call me crazy but I was thinking that Kamara will get around the same as bell and I was thinking with the melt down in pit that this could work in my favor with kamara past his bye week and AJ on bye this week


Oh I hear you, being a Bell owner in all leagues lol. But he’s just too good. And the fact that you have Julio, I mean you’re stacked at WR. Why not just try to get Kamara for one of your WR’s, maybe see if he’ll take Fitz for him? Btw would you trade Cam and Hill for Brees and Cobb, PPR? My other WR’s are M. Thomas, Baldwin, Thielen, and K. Benjamin.


@gareth_summers You make a solid argument lol…Seeing green and jordy is blinding me haha. Honestly I am not a Cam fam…Couple games to me is a great time to sell high. Brees is the better option past his bye week. and Cobb is a great addition to any roster with Aaron throwing 4 TD a game. I would take my chances. Plus you have the Thomas and Brees stack!


I’m not a Cam fan either (can’t stand him). Thanks man!


well there you go!!! GL this week in FF!!!


Did you just say you think Kamara will do better than Bell on the season?


@swissarmyaccountant I did…would you like to water bet me? .5 PPR scoring from this week to REST OF SEASON?


I love Kamara, but I don’t think there is any chance that he scores with Bell this season. Bell’s rushing base is just way too high. He’s going to average way more carries than Kamara per game. Bell is averaging 20.5 carries per game. Kamara just less than 4 carries per game. Even without AP, Kamara won’t make up a 16 carry per game gap. In the air, it could be a wash. They both get about 5 receptions per game. But Bell will likely finish in the top 3 in points for backs, like he always does. There is no chance Kamara will because he is not as much of a focal point as Bell is for Pittsburgh.


Ummmm, yes. I think the chances of that are absolutely 0, barring injury of course. I don’t even see a rational argument to be made. Bell gets more catches a game, more carries a game, and we have seen him do it over and over. Sorry man, but I don’t think that makes any sense at all


@sidney_kennard and @swissarmyaccountant you do KNOW that I 10000% agree with you. I just want to have fun and what an amazing BOLD prediction this will be! I have a gut feeling that PIT will self implode this year with all that is going on. And injury is part of the game also. Bell has a history of injury. I said total points, that’s all! Which if Kamara becomes the featured back, it wont be as silly. Bell has 1 game so 2 games over 15. Just having fun!


I’d do the trade man!!!