Mega trade offered involving Thielen and Gronk (need to win out to make playoffs)

I am 3-6 on a 12 team 1/2 PPR and 2 games away from playoffs spots with 4 games to go.

I got offered the following trade from the 7-2 team:

Trade away: Thielen, Gronk, Fitzgerald and Kerryon
Receive: T.Y. Hilton, Jimmy Graham, Dalvin Cook and Philip Rivers

Normally I wouldn´t go for this trade as I lose lot of power from Thielen and Gronk when healthy. But needing to win out and having Stafford as my QB are making me tilt to accept this trade. Also, Thielen is on Bye this week and returns to play the Bears next week

My current team is:

QB: Stafford
WR: Thielen, OBJ, Fitzgerald, MVS and Sutton
RB: CMac, Breida, Kerryon and Wendell Smallwood
TE: Gronk

Would you guys do it considering the circumstances to need to win out??

Also, Kerryon’s coming schedule is very hard (Chicago, Carolina & Chicago) and Gronk seems to be OUT this week with a Bye the coming week.

Try to get someone other then TY. He has a pretty bad schedule as well. The way I see it you are losing. Thielen is the number 1 WR in the league. I hope Cook turns it on from here on out. but idk seems like you’re giving Thielen pretty cheap.

I agree. I think you can do much better for Theilen. Honestly Cook had a 70 yard run and totalled 89 rushing yards against Detroit. Im honestly not so sure about his value.

I share your thoughts about the trade. The only other WR he has are Evans, Funchess. And he is not willing to put Evans on the trade.

I also feel I am giving Thielen cheaper than its price, but with a Bye thid week (& CHI next) and Stafford as my QB I feel I may not make it to next week. The Gronk side of the deal is a sideway move with him out the next 2 weeks