Mega Trade proposal for CMC

Talk me outta this. I’m 3-0 with the highest scoring team, I like my team. I do NOT need to trade. But trading can be fun and I’m feeling saucy.

Thinking of offering Chubb and Lockett for McCaffrey.

The McCaffrey owner is struggling at RB and also has trouble at WR with Godwin out. (And I’ve already played his team once).

My team:
Kamara / CEH / Chubb (Bench Latavius / Gibson)
Woods / Lockett / ARob (Bench Gallup / Deebo)

Question 1?
Do I even try this or do I just stand pat? I feel like I have the depth to lose those players while waiting for CMC to return, then I’d have an unstoppable duo of CMC and Kamara?

Question 2?
Is the offer fair? Am I overpaying? Underpaying?

Please offer thoughts!

Id like it alot more if you could give chubb and robinson and keep lockett. that said i think you could do it and be ok CEH is gonna keep being great so if you have a flex hed fill it often and not a crazy downgrade on byes for the others

I feel like the value of CMC is so different to each person so value wise its pricey to me but thats for the trade as you had it

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Well I could always start with Robinson and see if he goes for it. I just didn’t wanna low ball for the best player in fantasy (when he plays).

Obviously CMC’s value is super high, but there’s a little desperation factored in, since he will be out at least another 1-2 weeks, and this guy is 1-2 and desperate (imo) need of RB and WR.

I guess my thing is do I even mess with a good thing to begin with? Lol I’m nervous. Obviously my team is fine as is, do I even dare tinker?

Honestly i dont think so unless you try to go get one of the top TE of Kelce, Andrews, Waller type players but i see why your tempted to just go get CMC if hes that desperate offer him chubb and deebo or gallup and really lowball where you wouldnt feel like your risking nearly as much.

Some worry about the return of CMC and how effective he’ll be which could help buy low but i think hes gonna ball out

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Heck yeah I try that trade for CMC. Agree start with ARob and let them “win” and get Lockett if they push for it. With their team floundering and needing help at 2 positions…I think you might be able to pull it off (just because of the uncertainty of when CMC returns).

Being “just” undefeated is boring, push your luck so you can beat every team by 80!

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this is the attitude I like! haha.

I get chastised for being the guy who likes to trade too much in our league, but damn it that’s part of the fun of fantasy! Most years I’m usually trying to trade because my team gets off to a bad start, so this year it’s a little different, so that’s what makes me wary!

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I’m in somewhat of the opposite scenario as you. I have CMC, I’m a somewhat lucky 2-1, sitting in 4th (out of 12) but with quite a big gap in points scored between me and the top 3.

The first place team at 3-0 offered me Julio Jones and Raheem Mostert. I think I would take Nick Chubb and Tyler Lockett in a heartbeat, but trading for two injured guys is a little more risky. There’s no way I should do this trade, right? All the trade value calculators are telling me I’m getting a good deal, so why doesn’t it feel that way?

My WRs are Robert Woods, Tyler Boyd, and then a pu pu platter of Preston Williams, Anthony Miller, and Brandon Aiyuk

My RBs are Kenyan Drake, Jerick McKinnon, Nyheim Hines, and Sony Michel.

My league has two IR spots for this covid season, so CMC is not taking up a bench spot, and I also have Tevin Coleman stashed on IR. Trading for Julio and Raheem would take up two bench spots for however long until they’re healthy, because both are week to week.

I’m trying to use this offer to shop around the league for a better one, but so far this is the best offer. Would you guys do it? The other offers im trying to get are (Tyreek+Gurley), (Ekeler+Lockett), and (Chubb+McLaurin). I think Ekeler+ Lockett is by far the best pair i could get back, but that’s also the least likely trade.


Chubb and Lockett for McCaffrey is an overpay considering the injury. You’re paying based on last years production.

Buy CMC if cheap (like the clearance bin) otherwise look for other trade targets. At the end of the day you win with points on the board - not names on your roster.


Well I got the guy the guy to agree to Chubb and ARob. However the deal was not sent through prior to Chubb’s injury! Go figure! :sob:

Oh well, honestly would’ve felt bad to take CMC off him for Chubb to get injured the next day and be out even longer than what CMC will be.

Still happy with my team, Chubb injury aside.