Mega Trade?

I offered Kittle and Mark Ingram for Ertz. PPR

They came back with Kittle and Saquon for Ertz and Golden Tate.

I’m thinking of re-countering with Kittle, Saquon, and Amari Copper for Ertz and Julio.

Do these escalations make sense? We play with 3 WR, 2 RB, and 1 W/R/T flex.

My Current WR’s are Amari, Hopkins, and Diggs.

My current RB’s are Saquon, Conner, A.Jones, Chubb, and Ingram.

Thanks for the advice footclan.

I like all but option 2. 3 especially is nice.

I like your proposed counter offer…overall it makes your team better. Saquon is hard to give up but with your roster and league format, it makes sense to do it. Gives you a nice starting line up for playoffs…if they accept the offer.

Great counter-counter offer, the other guys counter is a joke lol. Good on you to tease the availability for Saquon for the right price.

Yea I didn’t like their counter either. Tate is on a new team and I don’t want to pick up 2 Eagles.