So, first this is probably an easy fix and by no means am I going to bash anything that can’t be fixed. Auto-draft spots in megalabowl are taking 2 mins. We started our draft with 3 not there after an hour and a half we are barely in the 9th round. Teams are getting bored and leaving so now half the teams take the full 2 mins even with a que set up. I would suggest if a team isn’t loggedIn to have the pick made immediately to keep things moving. Hopefully this doesn’t fall on deaf ears and will be addressed. And for emphasis on my point I typed this in the time it took to draft 10 picks


same here. autopick should be no more than 30 seconds. this is a drag!

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Agree…but mainly just wanted to reply to the title of your post…hilarious.

Thanks just want to get the attention of the ballers and don’t have Twitter

That’s extremely disappointing to hear, especially being that it’s a requirement to join their Patreon to enter into the Megalabowl (which means paying actual money).

I joined another listener tournament league for another pod that was entirely free, hosted on Sleeper, and he appointed commissioners by application through a thorough process using Google Docs. Not only did he get every league on the same page and all leagues filled and drafting, but he was able to hold each draft at the same time on the same night.

This is one of the downsides to their increase in popularity. I love that they’ve been able to expand and make the podcast into this giant entity, but within that I think they’ve lost some of the focus they used to have. Even some of the pods now feel like they’ve mailed it in.

I’m drafting tomorrow. Have heard this from 1 or 2 people in a couple dynasty leagues that some people didn’t show and drafts took 3 hrs.
I draft tomorrow, I hope auto pics can be fixed.
I’ve heard its from the que though, and the system isn’t smart enough to know if the person is still there or not

I’m not sure what the auto draft does but it takes forever to get through the draft if you have 1 or 2 auto drafters. I think it’s just the sleeper settings not going to autopick after the 1st 2 mins expires. I know our chat room got quite fun while wating 15-20 mins between picks…

Omg I did a draft last night that started at 7 and ended at 1045. 2 mins for people who weren’t at the draft was absurd. I love the setup for the app and how it looks but idk if I can go through again. I had a yahoo draft at 915 and it ended before this draft. Hope they fix that auto pick thing ASAP

It’s an issue with sleeper unfortunately. Their auto draft process is really bad and forces you to take the entire timer.

Hard for ballers to manage this given so many people.

Sucks for us for sure, i went through same experience and it was awful but as long as it’s on sleeper, not much we can do.

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It was kind of annoying having a couple autodrafters last night, but our league’s chat made up for it with some great banter. Unfortunately there is another issue. A league mate is unable to play AJ Green on IR and I’m unable to place David Moore on IR… clearly there are a few kinks that need to be worked out!

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I heard about this and now definitely not looking forward to my draft in an hour

it’s not that bad unless there are more than 2 autodrafters. it’s a time waster but just consider it as extra time to think for your pick

Glad they addressed it on the show today. Our voices were heard.

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And extra entertainment from a certain Lamar Miller pickup… can you say #leaguewinningpick

That was awful, our draft took well over 2 hours, at some point half the league wasn’t logged on.