Megalabowl 2019 is here!


Hey just wanted to say if you haven’t seen it yet, the guys sent out an email today for entry into the Megalabowl 2019!!

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Im in thanx for the head up

No problem!

I haven’t seen the email yet…can you share how to join the Megalabowl?

I didn’t get the email until around 10 pm last night. Here’s the link they put in the email. All the information and rules are in the email they sent out.

How do I get into the megaladon league?

That link above should take you there.

Just curious if anyone has been placed in a league yet or if everyone is still waiting.

Still waiting, if you did it correctly, it should show on top of your groups on the sleeper. It will have a countdown, an hour before the countdown finishes, you will be put in a league


Oh yeah, I see that now. Thank you.

Is it a slow or fast draft? Normal amount of time to pick?

The email I got said 2 min picks.

Anyone know if the draft times (7PM as an example) is East Coast Time / West Coast other??

I didn’t see anything in the email about it, but I think it was eastern last year but not 100%.

So pardon me, but I did not do the Megalabowl last year, so I don’t know the specifics on everything.

How is the overall winner determined? Obviously, there are multiple leagues, so is there an overall winner among the winner of each league? Is that chosen by most points scored overall or points in the championship?

Sorry for all of the questions. Just wasn’t 100% on this and I wasn’t listening to the podcast when this was introduced last year.

No problem at all, here’s what the email said:


Getting in to playoffs

-Top 3 in division (12 team league)

Week 11: Top 50% Move on

Week 12: Top 50% Move on

Week 13: Top 50% Move on

Week 14: Top 40% Move on

Week 15: Top 40% Move on

Week 16: Championship

Awesome! Thank you

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Are there prizes for any place besides first?

On the podcast they mentioned gift cards to the ballers gift shop but didn’t say for what rankings so I’m not sure.

Do we have scoring rules for Megalabowl posted somewhere, the rules/email didn’t contain that. Thanks.