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Megalabowl AFK Winning League Currently

Not sure if this is right place for this but in the Megalabowl league I joined on sleeper there is one person who has been completely afk. They autodrafted and also have not been submitting a complete roster every week. Dude has played Derrius Guice since week 1 and has many IRd players on his bench.

The funny part of all this is they are currently sitting at 6-0 thanks to CMC, Godwin, Chris Carson, and Deshaun Watson. We are all kind of waiting for the wheels to come off at some point and it’s looking like they have several players on bye this week.

Is there anything that can be done about this no show? They have a serious chance at making the playoffs still but will likely give out some free wins to people that are in the hunt. Making this league pretty unfun.

I’ll take over. Just need to get me info. Sleeper app is Fight4Fun42 hit me up

Sorry doesn’t work that way. It’s run by sleeper and the Fantasy Footballers. Haven’t heard from them on the issue.