Megalabowl flex help

Big fan of the show, first year in the footclan

Joined the megalabowl and was looking for a little week 2 flex advice. I need to pick 2: A Jones, Burkheand, C. Thompson, or M. Brown? I feel good about my starters so some risk is ok

What M brown are talking the rams or ravens?

Ravens, Hollywood

I think Aaron Jones or Hollywood if it were my team

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Awesome thanks. That’s how I have it now but I have a nagging feeling that the maimi v ne game could get out of control

I am struggling with that game too because I have Edelman and Gordon in both my leagues but I am starting both because of brady

Yea I have Gordon and Brady and was so happy to see Miami look so bad. I’m practically playing their whole team. Burkheand was really explosive too and I bet will get more carries.

But I hope it’s not over right away I want Miami to be in this so we all get a ton of points in fact I hope it goes to overtime and ends in a tie just for fantasy purposes

Not too worried, look like there will be enough to go around. Thanks again