Megalabowl IR spot

OUT players are not allowed in IR spot?!

Only IR designated players. No suspended, holdout etc?

Missed the ball on this one this year

It’s usually the case, as it should be. You shouldn’t be able to hide a player like Melvin Gordon or Kareem Hunt on the IR. There’s price to pay if you decide to pick them up, they should hold a spot on your bench.

I think Sleeper just added the possibility for the commissioners to enable OUT or SUSP players to be put on IR though.

Why not AJ Green who may just be out 2 or 3 weeks due to injury? In a redraft league I have no reason to keep an IR player. If they go to the IR it’s usually season-ending. What’s the point?

You are right, AJ Green should be available to be put in the IR spot since he is out with an injury. Not sure why that’s not the case.

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Hey guys, we are trying to enable OUT player in the IR soon for the Megalabowl. We need sleeper to manually change the settings for all 491 leagues at once, so it’s not a simple fix. Sorry!