Megalabowl Playoffs Q?

I searched the forum and the website and found this for playoff rules.


Getting in to playoffs

-Top 3 in division (12 team league)

Week 11: Top 50% Move on

Week 12: Top 50% Move on

Week 13: Top 50% Move on

Week 14: Top 40% Move on

Week 15: Top 40% Move on

Week 16: Championship.

This still isn’t very clear to me. If my math is correct even with 2,000 teams (which I know we’re passed that based on their podcast) that means there’s 40 teams left in the championship round. That doesn’t make sense, am I missing something?

Same confusion experiences. Can’t find the bracket or list of players in Q.

Correct, looks like the championship under this model will have about 40 teams or so and top score among them will win.

I’m not a patreon and don’t have access to the standing. A player in my current league made it to second round of playoff but I have more points then him. So I’m confused on how you move on