Megalabowl playoffs?

I have a question about the megalabowl playoffs,
It says after week 11 top 50% move on, top 50 of what? Does it turn into dfs? Or are you competing against people who could have the same players?

Hope my question makes sense

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I was wondering the same. I’m thinking they just track the top scores so some people will have the same players but I don’t know the real answer either.

Bump? Same question.

Getting in to playoffs

-Top 3 in division (12 team league)

Week 11: Top 50% Move on
Week 12: Top 50% Move on
Week 13: Top 50% Move on
Week 14: Top 40% Move on
Week 15: Top 40% Move on
Week 16: Championship

Similar question, I know we notplayers in the playoffs but what about drops? I have someone in an IR spot so I’m assuming I’ll need to drop some else to play them. Can we drop during the playoffs?

Also probably a dumb question but in the playoffs it is the top 50% of in week scorers that move on right? It is not the top 50% of season scoring move on.

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Based on my understanding its the top 3 records from each 12 person league make playoffs. Than the top 50% of scores (no head to head) each week move on.

Not sure about drops…

I get that we cannot make transactions after moving to the playoffs, but can we still change our starting lineup?

Also, will we be able to make waiver moves this Wednesday or is Sunday morning officially the end of week 10 transactions?

“Scores of playoff teams will be ranked offline and uploaded to Patreon each week on Wednesday.”

  • set your starting linuep and your total score on the week is used to move on.

"From the end of Week 10, your roster will be locked from making transactions. "

  • I think we are past the waiver deadline.

So i was right to use the rest of my FAAB last week :+1:

I really hope they will clarify how we submit rosters, check standings/scores to see if we move on to next week, etc.

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As of right now Waivers aren’t locked. Does anyone know when they lock? It says week 11 which is this week.

The post on Patreon says:
" Transactions:

From the end of Week 10, your roster will be locked from making transactions. This means that you must plan for the playoffs the week before and cannot make waiver claims after Week 10."

Keep in mind its over 7600 teams being run by one guy, who to the best of my knowledge is volunteering his time.

The post on Patreon says:
" How it works:

The Megalabowl playoffs will be organized outside of the regular matchup that you see on the Sleeper platform - the win/loss will not matter, only points. Scores of playoff teams will be ranked offline and uploaded to Patreon each week on Wednesday. All participants will still have their team and are welcome to keep playing but all matchups Week 11 on have no meaning outside of points for those moving on. No teams/owners will be removed from the Megalabowl leagues."

My interpretation of this:

  • use sleeper to set your lineup
  • you will see no change in sleeper whether you move on or not
  • winners each week (50% top scores) will be listed (assume on Patreon)

It says the end of week 10 is the deadline so the last eligible waivers were Monday at noon from the way I’m reading it. I wouldn’t suggest anybody try to add anybody if you are continuing on to the playoffs…

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I need to drop a player to move a player from IR spot. Anyone knows how to do it with the roster locked? Thanks

Same question for me. I DM’d MegalAdmin in Sleeper asking about that. I’ll post here if I get an answer. I suspect we may be SOL.

Same issue TY Hilton in IR spot locked. Hope we are not SOL.

same issue as well. Doesn’t make much sense, how are we not allowed to switch out a player from IR if he’s just now eligible or will become eligible at some point throughout the playoffs??

On another note…does anyone know where/when we get information moving forward?

Same issue here, I have a ineligible player in IR. Cant drop therefore cant update my line up and I’m stuck with all the b team guys from bye_pocolipse lineup set. Frustrating as I’m tied for the top of my league.

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Yup stuck in the same boat. Hilton was in the IR and now can’t move my guys at all. Pretty dumb how you can’t drop people…