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Megalabowl playoffs?

Heard back from the admin
“Hey we are aware of all the issues with the leagues. Fixes are in place or in progress. Stay tuned for a Patreon post tonight/tomorrow with more details. Thank you for being patient!”

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You can now drop players. Just did it and got Hilton off the Ir and onto my bench


I still can’t drop players. Is it just me?

Are you getting an error? Are you using the mobile app or web?

It’s fine now, finally able to. Thanks

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Welp, probably should have considered bye weeks when drafting for the Megalabowl. #1 team wire-to-wire now I’m probably gonna lose in the first round because my 3 studs are on bye. Smh.

Chris Carson
Tyler Lockett


Where do we find the megalabowl playoff scoreboard???

Welcome to the Fantasy Footballers Forum @sean_rose!

You’ll find all the information on Patreon. The results are typically posted on Thursday after stats corrections apply.