Megalabowl playoffs

Is there a place where we can see our rankings through out the megalabowl playoffs?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @ffballers display help.

They will send out an email with a spreadsheet that shows all the teams and where the cut line is for who advances on to the next round

I still have not seen any email and also want to know where to go to see the current results and standings. You’d think there would be some website for it.

You won’t see an email until maybe Tuesday or Wednesday after Week 11 games are played. If you are in the Top 3 of your league, you’re in the playoffs. There isn’t anything to calculate at the moment.

I made the playoffs but it is still showing I am playing an opponent in my original league. Is this normal?

Yeah, it’s normal. From here on out, you progress through the playoffs by scoring in the top 50% of all playoff teams each week.

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