Megalabowl waivers

Am I the only one who misunderstood the announcements? I read it that the rosters would be locked AFTER the week 10 waivers ran. They went through and then the admin came through and reversed everything. The guys referenced it on the show the day after waivers cleared, but the issue was already in effect. Just looking for clarity. Guy in our league that made the playoffs has to roll out a bye week TE for the first week of playoffs because his waiver claim got reversed

It said rosters would be locked after the Week 10 games, so it made sense to me. But others might have had the same confusion since many people put in waiver claims anyway. My only quibble is that it would have been good to know that would be happening when we drafted, but given that one dude, Ray Smith, is running the whole thing in his spare time, I’m surprised it’s gone so smoothly. And they’ll get it even more smoothed out next year.