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Has anyone received their email about the megalabowl? Getting sort of close to the season. . .


Haven’t gotten mine either. I understand it takes a bit to set up, but hopefully they get them out soon. I have to make sure I can set aside the time to draft… It’s a crazy time of year for some of us…
Let’s hope they get them out today or very very soon…
Even a update on Twitter or on these forums would be appreciated :smile:


Saw this on Twitter earlier


Yeah, that’s for the this year’s listener league and not for the Meglaleague. Thanks though. LOL @ Jason Moore’s Photo in the Draft Grades… Hilarious!!! :smile:


Ahhh…I see now. I posted on Patreon yesterday and they responded. Apparently there were over 600 people interested in joining the Mega league, so they shut it down. The commish is tryin nd to figure out how/if this would be feasible. But they’ll update us soon.


Cool. I thought they said it would be 96 12 team leagues. Based on math doesn’t that accommodate 600 people? Or did i hear it wrong?


If it were 96 leagues, then yes…it would work. But from my understanding, there would be 96 teams total. Meaning there would be 8 - 12 team leagues.


There will be Several 96 team leagues. Each League will be split into 8 divisions. Each Division will have 12 teams.


Thanks for setting me straight guys. Hopefully they will get it worked out and be able to accommodate everyone.


I have to be honest. This is kinda ridiculous. It’s Thursday and still not a single word about it at all from what I can see. They really need to say something. Even if it’s not quite ready yet. People need time to Plan for this draft around other drafts, work, family and next week’s Holiday.

I’m passing up on Leagues to make room for this one.