Megalobowl League?

I can’t find this league as mentioned on yesterday’s podcast episode? Does someone have a link?


I am in the same boat. Don’t see it anywhere. I can’t tell if am I just missing something or not.

No one can find this, been looking since yesterday

You need to be a patreon supporter first

I actually joined the Patreon today as well and am still unable to find it. Maybe there is some lag time before you can see it?

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I heard it takes a few days for you to get access to the leagues page

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I am a member…

I thought they said it was free.


You’re right. They did say that.


Hey… just signed up after years of listening to the yourube channel. HOW DO i join the megalobowl??

its free for members, they are only trying to say there is no buy in

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Gotcha. That makes sense. Joined support on Patreon today, hopefully whatever verification is needed happens quickly. I’d really love to get into this.

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 suracec

I found it. It does exist. U drop ur email they send the invite.

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What is patreon?

Could you explain more? Drop your email where?

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Where to you put your email?

go to the topic is it too late to enter the megalabowl league topic, a guy in there has done it and posted that, he should be able to help you find it

Listen to the Patreon podcast from yesterday and it’ll tell u how to get to it.

Can someone just put a link here please?

Im a pattern supporter for like 2 years and I can’t figure out how to sign up either