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Megalobowl League?


I can’t find this league as mentioned on yesterday’s podcast episode? Does someone have a link?


I am in the same boat. Don’t see it anywhere. I can’t tell if am I just missing something or not.


No one can find this, been looking since yesterday


You need to be a patreon supporter first


I actually joined the Patreon today as well and am still unable to find it. Maybe there is some lag time before you can see it?


I heard it takes a few days for you to get access to the leagues page


I am a member…


I thought they said it was free.


You’re right. They did say that.


Hey… just signed up after years of listening to the yourube channel. HOW DO i join the megalobowl??


its free for members, they are only trying to say there is no buy in


Gotcha. That makes sense. Joined support on Patreon today, hopefully whatever verification is needed happens quickly. I’d really love to get into this.


juaninabillion#FootClan Member

 suracec

I found it. It does exist. U drop ur email they send the invite.


What is patreon?


Could you explain more? Drop your email where?


Where to you put your email?


go to the topic is it too late to enter the megalabowl league topic, a guy in there has done it and posted that, he should be able to help you find it


Listen to the Patreon podcast from yesterday and it’ll tell u how to get to it.


Can someone just put a link here please?


Im a pattern supporter for like 2 years and I can’t figure out how to sign up either