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MegaloBowl Waiting list


Really disappointed in this entire thing! Feel like I got trolled to be honest. They Announce this contest Wednesday/ Thursday Night. Pretty sure Thursday, I Joined Patreon just to be a part of this, Had to wait almost a full day for the accounts to sync, Got my entry in well before they closed it. And almost a week later we finally get a email saying thanks, you’re not getting in. We’re putting you on a waiting list and if you’re lucky you can take over an Abandoned team. Not cool at all!
FFS Have about 5 k Patreon subs, is it so shocking they might get over 600 entries? They didnt even announce a cut off!

Not cool at all. Very disappointed. I passed on Leagues so I could play this one. I was quite excited for this one. I was under the assumption since I was signed up well before they closed it I was getting an invite. I passed on 2 leagues I really would have liked to play in for this. I even made a post on their Twitter asking for an update and Nothing. The Ballers handled this in a very unprofessional manner.

I don’t even know what to say right now. Just saying my peace as politely as I can and I’m out. Not cool at all. Sorry for my venting.