Melvin and T.Y for Kamara and Tyreek

I already have Ingram so I don’t know if I should do this trade because I don’t know if it’s smart to have both saints backs starting for me, but I feel like this is the only time I can get T.Y out of here

Id do this one, if you had started the saints backfield the past month youd be happy haha

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I would’ve accepted yesterday

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This trade is a complete rip off for the party losing Kamara. Do everything you can to get/keep Kamara. I wouldn’t be surprised if he passes Ingram before the end of the year. He’s the Saints future.

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This trade is a no-brainer. Pull the trigger.

As everybody else has been saying. DO THIS LIKE…NOW!!! When you have players like Ingram and Kamara producing as they have, trust me…you don’t think twice about “stacking”!!!

What they said