Melvin for josh Allen

My QB’s are tannehill and minshew. It’s a one qb league.

My RB’s are Gordon, CEH, Gibson, Fournette.

Would you take Josh Allen for Gordon?

I have been trying everything I could to trade for Josh Allen in my main league. Granted it’s a superflex and QBs are harder to acquire but still.
I would take it- Allen might score enough to make up for Gordon. He’s in early conversation for MVP. So I would take Allen, and cut Minshew and maybe trade Tannehill- or just let him go at worst and fill up your bench with RBs off waivers that can take over a backfield of just help out.
1 QB leagues, you can just have 1 QB and Allen seems to be match proof.

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Gordon for J. Allen is value way in your favor.

Now, that does take away some RB depth for you, but the way Allen is playing right now, he is league winner type status.

Cheers guys, yeah I think I’ll go for it!!

I wish I got a deal like that!
Good luck man!

…just really curious- who is on waivers? RB wise?

That’s the top available RB’s.

Yeah make the trade. Drop Minshew and/or Tannehill and grab Peterson. I’m not a Peterson fan at all but you can’t deny his involvement in that backfield. Hyde is going to get way more work with Carson possibly being out. Burkhead- well I don’t trust those numbers from yesterday but he was certainly favored.

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