Melvin Gordan overrated by ECR this week?

i need to start one of the following 3 in my flex (1/2pt ppr):
Melvin Gordan
Tyreek Hill
Austin Ekeler

I filtered by top 20 flex experts on fantasypros and they have Gordan at #15 , Ekeler at #18 and Tyreek Hill at #23.

I don’t see myself benching Hill in my Championship. I watched the Chargers replay on gamepass and don’t like the fact the Justin Jackson started getting some work last week. I do like the match up this week but still not enough to bench Hill… Thoughts anyone?

I just need to know who you could possibly have that Hill is hardly making your flex, let alone your WR spots

lol. I knew i should of included that. I have a really good team in this league. This is a one keeper league and I packaged two waiver wire guys earlier in the season and traded for Devante Adams when he got injured.

Chris Carson
Micheal Thomas
Devante Adams
Zach Ertz
Flex? Hill, Gordan, Ekeler
Justin Tucker
Ravens DST

Does it even matter? With that team you are 99% going to beat any other team.