Melvin Gordon & Amari Cooper FOR David Johnson & Sammy Watkins

12 man league, Half ppr league.

My team is:
Larry fitz
Doug baldwin
Sammy watkins

Geronimo allison
James white
Rob kelley
Mike williams
Ty Montgomery
Kenny stills
Tyler lockett

I would probably do that. All a matter of opinion but I personally think think the difference between DJ over Gordon isn’t as much as Cooper over Watkins this season.


Gordon and DJ are very close in my rankings, extra emphasis on the very. I am extremely high on Gordon this year. Take the slight downgrade at RB to jump several tiers at WR. Having Cooper as your WR3 is great because he has phenomenal upside, but he isn’t a staple of your team so you can handle his volatility, his wide range of outcomes for a week. Love this trade, would do it 10 times out of 10.

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I’m taking this trade. And that is coming from someone who is pretty high on Cooper relative to others. It’s definitely a decent trade value wise and isn’t too lobsided in any favor but I love DJ.

I do also value Watkins decently as well. But DJ is my 1.02 in almost all formats.

To me, there is actually a decent gap between Gordon and Johnson. Not saying Gordon isn’t a stud because he is, but the gap is definitely there for me.


Just realized you were the Gordon side of the trade haha. I’d go Gordon and Cooper

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Thank you guys, I may have to wait for the season to start before I let DJ go, but I’m leaning towards doing the trade

Good luck sir. I could never let DJ go for that. Esp given my belief in Watkins. Watkins is very similar boom bust receiver as Cooper except on a better offense and better red zone prowess.