Melvin Gordon and Conner owners?

What are your plans only two healthy running backs I’m left with are McCaffrey and Phillip Lindsay.

Here are my flex options

Jaylen samuels
Spencer Ware

Waiver wire targets
LeSean McCoy
Rex burkhead
Wilson Jr (sf)

Anyone else you guys think is a go to target?? Thanks

I would probably go Ekeler in a friendly matchup.

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Kenneth Dixon could blow up. I stashed him. He was their starting RB and did great last weekend. He is going to get more work. I could see him bumped to 12-15 touches easily.

Thanks for the advice bro

atleast you have cmc and lindsay. they are decnet

I remember Dixon when he was 49er!! He ran hard, should I drop one of those handcuffs for Dixon, I mainly picked them up
To block my future opponents from having Ware, since I have conner and Gordon I picked up ekeler and jaylen samuels

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I don’t man, Dixon could be gold or meh but the potential is there. Him and Lamar were great together the limited body of work out there. I held him all season but maybe not if something better on paper is available maybe not if in a tight matchup.

I have Fournette, Chubb, Kamara, White so I can afford to let Dixon collect dust this week.