Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen

I’ve been doing a few mock drafts at the #9 spot and taking Melvin Gordon in the first and having the option of Keenan Allen or Michael Thomas in the 2nd. I’m tending to lean toward Keenan Allen and wanted to get your thoughts on if its bad to have two people from the same team as your first two picks.

I am pretty sure the footballers or maybe another pod cast i was listening to when over this very exact thing.

I wouldnt worry about it… If those are both the best players at that spot take them.

But what you prob don’t want to do then is follow that up by having rivers as your QB… As yes if those guys are scoring then rivers should as well but on the flip side if they have a down week you are out 3 spots instead of 2…

So just remember that when you are grabbin players for the same team 2 is fine but 3 is bad IMO

I’m 100% fine with having both, but I’d personally take Thomas over Allen if given the choice in a vacuum (though I think it’s close). The fact that Allen is on the same team as my RB would probably clinch it for Thomas, but that’s the extent of how much it would factor into my decision making process.

In summation, if you have Allen solidly ahead of Thomas, take him and don’t look back.