Melvin Gordon Barkley trade

Got offered Melvin Gordon Kerryon for Barkley Michel 12 team ppr. Rest of my team is Newton,hill,amari,Chris thompson,Ebron,enunwa,cole,kupp,javorius Allen!! He also has Tate which I would like to try and get!! Any help would be awesome!

Damn that’s pretty close.

I like all the players there listed. Probably Gordon over Barkley just given the offenses they are on.

I still really like Michel despite last nights performance. I own both players tbh but Michel’s usage is more attractive to me. If I knew that Lions coaching staff would stop being morons, I could take Kerryon over Michel but I just don’t trust the lions staff whereas for patriots, I do think this eventually either becomes Michel + White or Michel + Burkhead. I just don’t want to place too much weight on last nights game cause Lions/Pats have the 1st and 2nd worst run D in the league.

As of right now though, I’d take the Gordon + kerryon side of that deal.

Its close but I lean Gordon… Better, more consistent offense… all of Barkley’s value comes from his target share… if, for some reason, that were to normalize you have a middling RB1 rather than a Top end stud. To me the kicker pieces are irrelevant… I go Gordon over Barkley imo.

What you guys think if I add in Amari for Tate as well?

Personally, I like to keep trades simple. The offer you have on the table is pretty good. Right now Cooper stock isn’t that high after this last game. I’m still a believer in Cooper. Carr is definitely a problem but I want to see a couple more games before making decisions on him.

I think the trade you have there is pretty decent. If you like the players, just pull the trigger.