Melvin Gordon - Done for week 15 + regular season?

Not good news today hearing that it’s unlikely Gordon plays Thursday. I have my doubts he plays until the post season to be honest, especially if the win against KC…

I’ve got Jackson, if Ekeler (also doubtful) misses whats the ranking/expectation for Jackson Thursday night? RB1, RB2 or trap bust?

I’m in the same dilemma… I’m rolling out Jackson if that’s the case.

Ya, I love this match up and that he is guaranteed the RB work with ekeler out. But I’m not sure if I can get myself to put him in my flex over Wood/Diggs. I’d probably start him over aaron jones cause the Bears defense has been terrorizing all RBs on the ground not named saquon barkley.

Depends what your other options are, but Jackson will certainly have the opportunity!

RB core is - Gordon, Jackson, Ware, Cook, Mixon, Cohen, Jones

I’m thinking Cook and Mixon for the matchups this week then if Gordon is out Jackson could be the play? If Ware is in would you go Ware or Jackson?