Melvin Gordon dropped in my league

So Gordon was dropped in my half pt ppr league. Would you drop any of these for him?

Chris Carson
Josh Jacobs
Miles Sanders
Rashaad Penny
Tevin Coleman

Personally I would drop Tevin or Sanders. I know a lot of people would say no but that backfield has like 3 or 4 different guys who can be the top scorer. It’s really hit or miss imo and the same could be said about Miles Sanders. Then Gordon is just a roster clog until further notice so it’s really how confident you are in what you’ve already got

I’d drop sanders. Doug Pederson loves using a committee, miles sanders seems like he can be a very good player in this league but for fantasy purposes not this year at least. I tried staying away from that whole backfield this year. But like the comment above it’s also how confident you are in your team until Melvin is back and what your record is and all that but that’s who I’d drop

It’s a tough call because you need Penny as insurance to Carson. It sounds like Coleman should be back after the bye & we see what RBs do in that offense.

I feel weird saying drop Sanders because I think he could be really productive down the line, but like others have said Philly will always be a committee. I think it was really telling that they were willing to trade for Gordon a few weeks ago even though Sanders has been hyped up.
But I think I’d drop sanders here to stash Gordon. This might be one of your last chances to pick him up.

Thanks for input. I also have Kamara, so I have been playing Kamara, Carson and Jacobs. Saunders and Coleman on the bench. I think i need Penney for insurance as you said. Was hoping Coleman or Saunders would take over there respective backfields. Philly seems to love the RBBC so may never happen there. Leaning towards Saunders. Just saw a sleeper bot he could be coming back sooner.