Melvin Gordon Dynasty trade 0.5ppr

I’m considering moving Melvin Gordon for depth, picks, and a WR upgrade. If you were moving him, what would you expect in return? My team is below:

QB: Newton, Mayfield, Foles, Flacco, Smith, McCoy
RB: Gordon, Mixon, White, Burkhead, Dixon, McGuire, Ekeler, Thompson, Wilkins, Booker, Buck Allen, Boston Scott
WR: Adams, Hill, Landry, Davis, Reynolds, Sherfield
TE: Kelce, Brate, RSJ, Ian Thomas, Jonnu Smith
DST: Redskins
Picks: 2019 mid 2nd (2), 2019 mid 3rd (2),

Why are you moving him?
Gordon is a top 5 RB with #1 potential. Meanwhile you have 2 WR1s (both with #1 potential), a solid WR2/high end 3 with Landry, and two dynasty lottery tickets with Davis and Reynolds. You’re set at WR. I think your biggest weak spot is RB depth. Gordon and Mixon are RB1s but after that you have a combo of low end RB2s or RB3s. If you make a move at all, I think you need to add RB depth, not trade the little you have.

For instance, I would look to trade Kelce to the Kittle or Ertz owner. Kelce for 1 of them plus a young RB2 like Lindsay.
You could even make a bigger splash and trade Kelce to the OJ Howard, Engram, or Njoku owner (all should improve on last year) and add an RB1/2 like Michel or an older but not done one like Fournette/Freeman.


We start 3 WRs so my concern is the lack of rotational options for injuries/bye weeks/matchups. Adams and Hill will likely get the start every week as long as they’re healthy, but dont have many options past them. Kelce might be someone I move for the depth as you suggested, but having that advantage at TE is pretty powerful.

This is for a superflex league btw, that’s why I have so many QBs.

Starting lineup:
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 Flex
1 SuperFlex

WRs are much easier to fill through waivers and you have a solid 3 already, even in dynasty
Meanwhile, you only have 2 viable starting RBs
White and Burkhead are unpredictable now that Michel is getting the bulk of the carries.
Dixon and McGuire are on a RBBC on bad offenses, bad situation
Wilkins, Booker, Buck Allen, and Boston Scott are all pretty much unstartable

I really think you only have two viable starting RBs. If you were to move Gordon, get a WR2 and solid RB2 back; otherwise, I’m not moving him

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I agree with this take here.

Gordan is way to valuable to trade with your roster.

How deep is your rookie draft? If i’m reading correctly 3 rounds but no 1st round pick? Chances are you are more likely to find WR talent to round out your roster post draft than you are RB or in draft as in my experience RB’s go first cause they contribute the fastest, but also have shortest shelf life, the once proven over many year (Melvin Gordon) are even more valuable

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Rookie draft is 4 rounds, but I dont have a 2019 first. My main concern with Gordon is his seemingly inability to stay on the field for a whole season. He’s only finished 16 games once in the 4 years as a pro. It’s great that he’s awesome for the majority of the season, but it doesn’t help me if he’s out for the fantasy playoffs (like last year). Plus he’s going into his 5th year at age 26 which isn’t “old” but RBs dont exactly have the longest shelf life and I’d rather move on from him a little too early and get maximum value rather than a little too late and have that value drop off significantly.

That being said, I get what you all are saying about my lack of quality RB depth. I might just have to ride it out with Gordon and hope he holds up this year.