Melvin Gordon for Hyde and Aj Green?

I would be trading my Melvin Gordon for Carlos Hyde and AJ Green.
Rest of my team is:
Hunt, Kamara, Dez, Mike Evans, Asj,
Bench: Breida, Derrick Henry, Ivory and James White
Don’t know if I should Keep that top 5 rb in Gordon or trade for a top 5 WR in Green and a top 15 rb in Hyde (estimating rankings for end of year)

I don’t really like the trade. Mostly because Gordon is putting up the same numbers that 2 guys would normally put up. And green maybe great but when Dalton is bad they are all bad.


Yeah I was on the fence about the trade, thanks for the input!

I’d do the trade in a heart beat. I’ve drafted green every year so I make be biased but your getting a top 10 RB and a top 5wr potentially here.That offense will churn through Hyde ROS and when Dalton is targeting Green good things will come. Plus, green already had his bye and you’ll have Hyde’s handcuff to boot.

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This is an interesting trade. At first glance I really didn’t like this. After thinking it through, I love it.

You are getting great value for Gordon, and another WR is exactly what you need, you have the handcuff for Hyde. I think this will make for the perfect balance for you’re team. What is you’re QB situation like?