Melvin Gordon for Julio and Bell?

A guy in my league wants to trade Julio for M.Gordon, if I get him to throw in Bell would it be worth it hoping bell plays for the steelers this season ?

For me, in that situation, it depends on your record. If your 4-0 or 3-1 with a win on the horizon this week, then yes the trade INCLUDING bell could be worth it, because your nearly a lock for playoffs already, and if you can get by till then you’ll be in great shape.

However, if your 3-1 or below with an L on the horizon, then i would first take a long look at my team and the schedule ahead (fantasy AND nfl) and decide weather you can afford losing a top tier RB for several weeks and still make the playoffs.

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Yes, this would certainly be worth it but I highly doubtful he would consider Bell a “Throw in”. According to reputable rumors he might be back in a couple weeks. At the very worst, he will be back week 11, or else he won’t be able to hit free agency next year. So if this owner viewed Julio for Gordon as pretty even, I doubt he throws in a potential top 5 back.

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Currently sitting at 2-2 and will be 3-2 by the end of tonight. I should be 4-1 but sat a ton of points on my bench week 3. I have CMC as my RB 2 and some depth at RB. I should be able to pull out the wins on the upcoming weeks. Thinking of going for it if he’ll include bell.

I’m going to try and swing it, if not would gordon be worth going for julio and D. Freeman ?

I think this would be worth it. Unless you have really strong receivers or really bad running backs after McCaffery. In those cases I would ride out Gordon. But I view Gordon as just a little bit above Julio straight up, so throwing in Freeman would make it worth it to me in most scenarios.