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Melvin Gordon for Kareem Hunt and OBJ?


What do you guys think? I am hurting at WR as the Gordon owner.


I like it.

Everyone is expecting Keenan to get more points ROS. I dont think he’ll be the same as last year, but he’d gonna get more points. Fantasy is a zero-sum game as that increases, Melvin’s will go down. Hunt is as good as Melvin and plays for a better offense.

OBJ is going to move up.

To put it another way: Gurley is the top RB (also leveon when he comes back). Then the next are almost interchangeable: Saquan, Melvin, Kamara, Hunt, Conner (until bell comes back). Any one of them could blow up week after week.

So, in my view, You’re exchanging 1 top RB for both a high RB1 and a high WR1. You do that trade.


I would do that in a heartbeat.


yes you should do that