Melvin Gordon for Michael Thomas

10 team 1/2 PPR Superflex league. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 Superflex

RB’s of note on my roster: Gordon, Devonta Freeman, Guice, Kerryon, Marlon Mack, Mike Davis
WR’s of note: OBJ, Amari, Corey Davis, Sutton, Kirk, Robby Anderson

Is it worth it trading away Gordon to get Michael Thomas? I’ll be left with 4 solid RB’s + Mike Davis who could turn in an RB2 if the Bears don’t draft an RB.
I have the 1.1 this year (most likely getting Kyler Murray) and 2 2020 1sts (next year has great RB’s).

Michael Thomas is a great target but I don’t know if I’d trade Gordon to get him. I feel that it would leave you with too many rb options that have injury worries or questions over their role.

I feel that Beckham, cooper and kirk will be a strong receiving group and it will be enhanced if Sutton takes a step up.

I would say no to this offer.

I would ask for something on top of Thomas. Maybe trade Gordon for Thomas and their RB2?

I’m considering asking for the 2.08 as well if I decide to go through with it. More than likely it’ll have to wait until the Draft. If the Bears don’t get an RB with their limited picks, then Davis becomes an extra option and I can try getting Thomas

I agree that you should ask for and should be able to get more because Gordon will be a top 5 guy for the next 3+ years and Thomas’ future is a litte up in the air with Brees nearing the end. All that being said, a young & talented WR on a good team with a good coach is very valuable. Although I think you can get more, with your RBs and future picks, I’m content trading Gordon for Thomas

If you think you are going to push for a championship withine 2-3 years , keep Gordon.

If you are in more of a build mode, take Thomas. But even then I have some reservations, what is Thomas without Brees (who is like 40).

I say you keep Gordon