Melvin Gordon Keeper Trade

What should I be looking to give up to trade for Melvin Gordon in a 4 player keeper league? Draft pick trading is available.

Current Keeper options for me are
D Freeman
AJ Green

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How does your keeper league work?

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Keepers are the first 4 rounds, so draft technically starts round 5. Full PPR if that makes a difference. I was thinking Freeman + my first draft pick and get back Gordon and a later pick from him to even it out. I’d prefer to keep Julio & Kerryon

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So Freeman an your “5th round pick” (after keepers) for Gordon and a 7th (for example), right?

Would that team then keep Freeman? Or would you think they might?

I would think you need more.

In this style league I would think of Gordon as my “4th” round keeper. That mitigates a ton of risk. I would be less inlcined to trade him unless I received closer to a 2nd round value.

Yes that’s essentially a deal that would happen. Any player I trade him would replace Gordon as a keeper for him. His other keepers now are DJ, TY & Luck. Nobody else on his team is really keeper worthy imo.

He does like Diggs a lot too, so possibly a Diggs + 5th for Gordon + 8th.

That seems more likely to be accepted.

Made a deal.

Sent: Diggs Freeman pick 86 & 93
Receive: Gordon pick 71 & 99

He has the first overall pick so he would’ve gotten freeman any way since I wasn’t keeping him. Improved my picks and got a top 5 rb should he get a deal or trade. Happy with the outcome


Diggs and Freeman for a guy who is holding out and the team is “dug in” to not giving in to what Gordon wants…I personally wouldn’t have done that.

Gordon will play, at a minimum, 1/2 to 3/4 of the season.

I don’t mind it considering you can only keep so many players.

I want no part in the potential to be in a L. Bell situation from last season. People were drafting him 1.01 and he didn’t even play. So you may be optimistic about Gordon playing, but there’s a chance he holds out for longer time. Say he plays at lease half the season. That’s a lot of stock in a player who is going to be sitting out 8 of your games…just taking up a bench spot. Where Freeman and Diggs are playing now. Plus as long as both guys stay healthy, I don’t see Gordon finishing that far above Freeman by the end of the season.

The way I am seeing it, it was basically trading diggs for gordon given the limit on players to keep. I wasn’t going to keep freeman before, and I got to improve some draft position so I felt comfortable taking the risk that Gordon ends up playing.

Sorry, I should have clarified. My answer was not based on optimism.

I’m looking for the actual resources I used to formulate my answer. However, having trouble replaying my steps. Too much news dropped in the past few days.

There is a major difference between Bell and MGIII holdouts. Bell was franchised tagged and became a FA next year. Gordon is currently under contract and his contract will go into next year if he sits out for the season. That’s why most are suggesting that he will play “some games” in 2019.

You are mistaken. He’s in the last year of his rookie deal and does NOT have to play ANY games to constitute an accrued season for contract obligatory purposes.


Q. What constitutes an “accrued season”?

A. Six or more regular-season games on a club’s active/inactive, reserve/injured or reserve/physically unable to perform lists.

Assuming a season long holdout, the only status I see that is relevant for Gordon is inactive. Is that correct?

While inactive (did not show up) I did not think he would account for “six games under full pay status” during a holdout in order to satisfy the requirements of an accrued season.