Melvin Gordon + Mccoy for Julio? full ppr WHIR!

Alright contemplating this trade:

I am trading away Melvin Gordon + LeSean mccoy for Julio jones

3 receiver / 2 RB / 1 Flex league , full ppr

My other RBs: Carson / Fournette / Edmonds
Other WR: Amari Cooper , davante Adams , Courtland Sutton, Brandin Cooks, marqise brown

I figure I can trade away a different receiver for RB depth, I am a bit concerned about Matt Ryan possibly missing time + Julio getting marshawn Lattimore coverage twice then also tough panthers defense going forward.

I also play this guy next week and if I don’t make the trade his team has 4 players on bye, if I do the trade I have Julio on bye and give him 2 players to start against me.

So basically, baring injuries or byes, you either start Julio or Melvin right?

At current value I say Julio 100%. I want nothing to do with the chiefs backfield.