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Melvin Gordon or Kareem Hunt Rest of Season?


Who do you think will be better rest of season? Gordon or Hunt?

I have both on my roster but am trying to decide which to send a trade for Leveon.


Wow…tough one.


it is close, i lean hunt… im not a big melvin gordon guy. i think he is very inefficient and relies heavily on TDs.


I ride both and to hell with bell.


Yeah think thats what Im going to do lol I think Im getting too greedy


I don’t think Gordon has been tested very much with the defenses he’s faced but unfortunately handcuffed with the chargers offense who can be sporadic . I think we’ll see a dip in their numbers in the upcoming weeks. I feel like hunt is going to have a better year overall.


Kareem Hunt


Without a doubt Kareem hunt. He gets the volume and far more productive than Gordon. Plus reed utilizes his rbs well


touch spot. it really could go either way. rookie fatigue is a real thing, BUT if you look at hunts touches a game, its really manageable. so lets say kareem stays around 15 rushes a game, and 4 receptions. thats 240 rushes and 64 receptions. lets take his current pace for the season and throw that out the window, because its completely unsustainable. so 210 rushes left for the season, lets say at 4.5 rushes a carry instead of his insane numbers he has been putting up. thats 945 rushing yards over 14 games. with 64 receptions at lets say 6 yards a piece, looking at another 336 yards. my guess is with how much they use him, he will get a TD every 2 games from now on, so thats 7 TDs. so 1281 all porous yards, with 56 receptions and 7 TDs. in a PPR thats 226 points, or 16 points a game. i honestly think this is around the production to expect, and i dont see gordon beating that. so in a trade, trade gordon. otherwise as someone else put so eloquently, fuck leveon bell haha.