Melvin Gordon owners

Are you guys worried about injury report status? I have ekeler but I also have Phillip Lindsay on my bench. Is Gus Edwards worth a stash

I picked up Gus, but that was before the injury report. Thank lord I’m stacked at RB Incase he doesn’t play lol

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Play it by ear. If he sits today be worried. if he is limited I think Melvin is going to be fine.

On that note though, if Gordon is out, would you play Ekeler over Josh Adams?

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Yes, Ekeler. I like the Chargers offense more than the Eagles.

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He kinda let me down against the titans, which is why I am kinda hesitant. But yeah against arizona, barring the cards having an awesome game he should play clock killer as well down the stretch if he starts

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Don’t sleep AZ defense got better against the run! But I still want Ekeler over Adams.

Ekeler can’t handle a large volume of work and Arizona can be had against the run, the Chargers have too many weapons for them to key in on anything but if Gordon is out i’d go Adams personally.

Giants are awful vs the run since trading Harrison and given the dire state of that division and the Eagles D they have to control the game with the ground attack and help their D out a bit. OBJ, Shepard, Engram and Barkley through the air will have their way if the Eagles don’t limit them so i’d look for more of Adams than people realise. At home, after a brutal beating i’d expect the Eagles to bounce back here especially as their division is still in reach.


I don’t mind this take at all! My opinion / gut feeling is still to go with Ekeler but I like this argument for Adams!

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I am up in my matchup. opponent had Thomas and AP. So i can lean a bit towards upside.

Points for is really what i am shooting for this week, as he and i have a good chance of ending up tied for 5th at seasons end and the 3rd place player has a really stacked team. So whoever between us has fewer pts for after week 13 probably wont make it past 1st round.

I’d go Adams for sure then has a higher ceiling and floor for me

I have Gordon, tried to pick up Adams but got out bid. I have Ekeler as well and would have no worries starting him if I need to. The Titans are not consistent but they do have a good defense when the team is healthy.

Ekeler didn’t do much against TEN but that was also a London game in a tough matchup imo. The Titans started getting healthy in that week and then walked all over Dallas and the Patriots the next two weeks. Mariota got hurt again after and that knocked off their momentum. The Giants matchup for Adams looks amazing on paper. He’s not guaranteed to get the touches Ekeler would get if Gordon sits though. I think you’re good no matter what this week, plenty of good options.

Considering Gus Edwards over ekeler if Melvin Gordon is out…any word on Gordon playing Sunday?

If Gordon is out. Suggestions for the flex position,standard scoring.

Isaiah Crowell

Latavius Murray
Keke Coutee
John Brown
Jared Cook