Melvin Gordon Questions

Question 1: If Melvin Gordon is marked out before the early games, would you start Austin Ekeler or Matt Breida instead?

Question 2: Regardless of whether Melvin Gordon plays or not, would you start Ekeler/Breida over him anyway to avoid the increased risk of injury?

Thanks for the help, let me know what you think.

I have Gordon and Ekeler, not Breida though. I would rather play Ekeler if Gordon was out. Ekeler didn’t do much against TEN when he started but that was when TEN was really starting to click and get healthy, and it was a London game which could have been a factor. I have no doubt Ekeler would have a nice game against ARI if Gordon was out. Breida has had a couple boom games, it could happen this week, but he is just so inconsistent that I wouldn’t trust him. Ekeler has been efficient all year, and his offense is better overall which I personally prefer.

I have Gordon, Ekeler, and Breida as well. I’m planning to roll with Gordon and if he’s out, I’ll play Ekeler. Start your main studs is what I always try to do and not play the “speculation” game. It’s really hard sometimes though, but the AZ game should be juicy even if Gordon only gets half the work.