Melvin Gordon, Thielen and Lynch for Gurley, Bell and Landry

Standard league, my team right now is:
Rb gordon, howard, lynch, miller
Wr thielen, julio jones, sanders, kearse and fitz

I would give: Melvin Gordon + Thielen or Julio + Lynch or Howard
I would get: Gurley + Bell + Robert woods or Jarvis Landry

Is it a good trade?

Standard I would say yes. I’d try and give Julio or Thielen and get Woods back over Landry. It’s risky with Bell but having Gurley will make your team better. Gordon is good but I don’t see him matching Gurley ROS.

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Yeah i would give melvin, julio, lynch for Gurley, Bell, Woods.

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My biggest fear is giving up thielen and lynch for bell, if he doesnt get the job and own that backfield, there’s a chance im going to be stuck with howard for the playoffs

Then give up Julio for Lynch and Bell. Lynch is going south quick on a back team

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Yeah, maybe im too in love with thielen right now lol but that’s a chance he will keep that pace ROS, right?

There’s also another trade i could do:
Thielen + lynch
Woods, Bell and John Brown(maaaybe landry instead of brown)

How do feel about it?

If you could turn Thielen into those 3, that’s pretty good I think. I love thielen.


Help me out with a trade? Standard scoring. Trade away Marvin Jones and a 6th for Landry and a 10th?

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Nah, Thielen is good. That’s why you should give up Gordon/Julio/Lynch for Gurley/Bell/Woods. That’s the trade I like most. You win for sure in that trade.

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i have no experience with trading picks, but i think it depends on your season… if your chances of making the playoffs are high, then i think i’d do it, marvin jones is been a bust this season and landry has a lot of room for improvement, he just had another 10 target game, only 2 were good, but you know, the targets are there